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Waxing for Women & Men

Brazilian Bikini Waxes
All hair is removed from the bikini area including inside the labia & hair from between the derriere is also removed.  Clients may request to have a triangle, or landing strip left on top.
(No longer offering the Male Brazilian Wax)

Please arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment time. Any client arriving 10 minutes past their scheduled start time will have to reschedule. 

Brazilian Bikini (Soft/Strip Wax) $60
Hair is removed from the entire bikini area-client may choose to leave a landing strip, triangle, add a Vajazzle, or go completely bare.

1/2 Soft Wax & 1/2 Hard Wax $75
For clients who have very stubborn hair up top, but don't need to do the entire wax with the hard wax. Cirepil Blue Wax is the hard wax used.

Brazilian Bikini With Hard Wax $85
Entire Brazilian Wax is done with Ciripil Blue Wax.

Traditional Bikini Wax $30 (Soft Wax) / $40 (Hard Wax)
Hair is removed from the edge of the panty line and a little off the top.

Extended Bikini Wax $40 (Soft Wax) / $75 (Hard Wax)
Hair is waxed into a triangle and does not remove hair from inside the labia, hair is removed from the derriere

Derriere $45
If you aren't interested in a Brazilian Wax but would like to have the hair removed from the
derriere alone 


Swarovski Crystals specifically designed and safe for the bikini area applied after your wax. Add a little sparkle to your special occasion with some bling!!! They're super sexy and a great surprise for that special someone!!!
The Vajazzles come prepackaged with a self adhesive back & are easily removed with any oil based product.
Choose from a variety of designs
Add on to any bikini wax  for an additional $15 for small designs & $25 for larger designs

Facial Waxing 

Brow Shaping $15
Upper Lip $6
Chin $8
Sides of Face $12

Body Waxing

Legs $65 (full)/ $35 Half
Arms $45 (full)/ $30 Half
Under Arms $25
Back $45
Chest & Belly $45
Nape of Neck $10
Shoulders $15
Toes $8
Hands $10

Bikini Wax Etiquette
If you have not shaved the bikini area in more than 4 months, please shave the entire area (or trim it down as low as possible) and allow the hair to grow in for 14 days.  In order to provide you with the fastest and most pain free procedure, the area needs to be manageable. I ask that you have at least 14 days of regrowth in order to be waxed.  If the hair is not the proper length the wax will not be able to remove the hair.  This will result in more tweezing than normal (resulting in a longer procedure time) to be done and will result in an upcharge of $25.  At the same time, if no grooming has been done within the last 4 months, it makes it very difficult to see where the wax needs to be applied and will result in a more painful wax for the client & $25 upcharge.  I thank you in advance!  

Brazilian Wax & Pregnancy
It is my policy that I will not perform a first time Brazilian Wax on pregnant clients past the 19th week of pregnancy. 

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